Why Come to Me

Over the past 30 years, I have sat at a Manicure table holding the hands of hundreds of women who I saw weekly or bi-monthly to do their nails. Who would have thought that holding a woman’s hands would create a bond that would last decades and would wipe away any inhibitions they may have about sharing their secrets?

My clients/girlfriends would share with me the most intimate details of their lives hoping for some insightful solution or counseling. I honestly believe I could have stood across the room and thrown the nail polish on their nails and they would still return week after week just to hold on to that Sisterhood & friendship!

In 30 years, I built 5 thriving Nail Spa’s, raised 4 amazing children, sold the Nail Spa business in 2007, and have created two new businesses, and Women, Weight & Wisdom will be my third new business in 11 years. Even today, 11 years after the sale of the business, I am still the Go-To-Girlfriend to hundreds of women they reach out to for Coaching.

I recently completed my Master Certification in Relationship Coaching and am proud to introduce it here. I truly believe that I’m not any smarter than any of my Girlfriends, I’m just a survivor. I have had more life experiences, survived an abusive childhood, divorces, breakups, building new businesses, fought my demons, and came out the other end knowing that other women would find healing in my wounds. My greatest life messages and testimonials would come out of my deepest hurts and empower others.

I believe true success is creating a purposeful, fulfilling life for myself and learning how to use that to make an impact and difference in the lives of others. We all have our own stories to share. If your story helps to empower just one other woman, this group of Girlfriends and support has been a success. No woman should ever feel alone.

Please join me in creating a group for women by women that make an impact and difference in the lives of others.
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