Hi, I'm Patty Meyers.
I am a single Mom, a sister, a daughter, an ex-wife of 3 husbands, (Wait! What! Yes, that was not a typo, 3 marriages) and am a very successful entrepreneur. I have had the pleasure & privilege of being the “Best Girlfriend,” coach, & confidant to hundreds of women.

Yup, I’m that girl everyone calls when they’re struggling with their careers, they don’t have a career, they need advice on how to start a business, their rocky marriages, their abusive husbands, their divorces, their boyfriends, they can’t find a boyfriend, they can’t keep a boyfriend, their affairs, their diet fallouts, their weight gains, their insecurities, their self-doubts, or the prospect of surviving menopause and hot flashes.

My entire life I have struggled with my weight. I was called big boned, chubby, fluffy, full figured, plump, hefty, chunky, butterball, pudgy, heavyset, overweight, zaftig, curvy, voluptuous, heavyset, tubby, or fatso. And wouldn’t you know it, my parents named me Patty. Three guesses what that rhymes with? LOL.

If I had a nickel for every person who said, “you have such a beautiful face, why don’t you lose weight” I could have bought an island 20 years ago and retired! Yikes! A recent study found that women who carry extra weight live longer than the men who mention it!  In all seriousness, I always said…your body makes you sexy, your smile makes you pretty, but your personality and confidence make you beautiful.

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